Executive Suite vs Traditional Office

An executive suite, also known as a corporate suite or serviced office, means all sorts of officing alternatives that include everything from a temporary office used for a few hours at a time to multiple office suites for large teams and big businesses.

The executive suites’ office model generally offers smaller, furnished, individual offices that include a variety of amenities not included in the traditional office environment.

These amenities can be anything from utilities, high speed Internet, common waiting areas, a shared receptionist, community break rooms, executive conference rooms, a workroom with a shared high-speed copier/scanner/printer, on-site shredding services, even complimentary beverages are available in most executive office settings.

Executive suites can be ideal for start ups and smaller businesses wanting to save money since they also offer more flexible lease terms such as 6 months or even month to month.

For example, John is an accountant who works alone and needs a small office the size of a typical bedroom, 125-150 square feet. His clients enter a professional building, with a furnished lobby and receptionists to greet his clients offering coffee as they let John know that his clients have arrived. John has told the receptionist to either bring the clients into his office or into the conference room he has reserved for this meeting. John has all the features and amenities of a professional in a professional environment at an affordable monthly rate. an executive suite is not, however, the ideal office solution for all businesses. Some drawbacks to consider would be smaller office space and shared amenities with other occupants. If your needs exceed 1,000 square feet, or you have many employees, a traditional office space may be the route to go. Hiring an experienced broker to help find and negotiate a commercial office space lease would be a great place to start.

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